want tips for the beginner
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Sep 16, 2001
Hi guys, I had just bought a 30watt soldering iron from Radio Shack, a desoldering iron, a roll of solder, and wire cutters. I dont know what to do next. You probably guessed it, im on my way to building my own electronics! So the questions are....

1.what else do i need to buy?

2.what can i practice on?

3. is building amps difficult?

4. what are other websites that tell me how to solder?

thanks, please give me all the information you got.
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Aug 10, 2001
Tips for beginners....

1. do not play in traffic

2. turn off the power supply AND unplug the unit before working on unit.

3. make sure large electrolytic caps are discharged BEFORE putting fingers, screwdrivers etc., inside unit

4. make haste slowly

5. NEVER reply to a marketing question that begins "is it possible to..."

6. think about it ........ overnight

7. wear safety glasses

8. ALWAYS treat the secretaries well (flowers now and again are always a good idea.)

9. Elegant and Competent are compliments, clever is not

10. Solder contains lead, what are you doing putting it in your mouth? (when you need a third hand)

11. You can always make it better, the hard question is not how, but when to call it good.

12. Learn to think like an electron, There are returns paths, and there is ground. One of which you grow petunias in.

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