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Walnut F1

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Ivan TT, Aug 21, 2017.
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  1. Sam Wayne
    I am looking to buy F1 or V2s . Does F1 has shielding so that interference from RFs are minimised ? Because I am going to use with mainly with my phone.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2017
  2. DBaldock9
    No. It seems to be fairly susceptible to EMI / RFI - especially if the USB cable is connected (to charge the battery, while the amp is in use).

    It might have better isolation, if you made a determined effort to assure that the Top, Bottom, Front, & Rear panels are all connected to the circuit board GND. I haven't done this yet, but it is one of my planned F1 mods (along with lowering the gain, upgrading the IC sockets, upgrading the Op-amp, and upgrading the Capacitors).
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  3. Sam Wayne
    Thank You very much. Then i have to buy FIIO Q1 as it has good shielding. Topping also advertises its NX2s model to be used as DAc but I am not sure of the shielding. No cheap amp with shield then.
  4. DBaldock9
    I was speaking specifically of the F1.

    EDIT: Change (I haven't used the V2s much, as an Amp. My V2s) to I don't have a v2S, but I did use my v2 a couple of times as an Amp, and don't remember it being too noisy (wasn't using it with my phone). My v2 is currently disassembled (being modified), so I can't tell you how susceptible it is to EMI / RFI.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
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  5. TheoS53
    Fiio A3?
  6. Sam Wayne
    Actually, here in India Fiio A3 costs around 70 USD and Fiio Q1 costs 79 USD, so was thinking about Q1. But am not sure which will give better quality with my phone. I am concerned about the hissing noise many users complain about when amplifying from a phone.
  7. Sam Wayne
    Thank You. I am actually looking for a cheap but powerful amp. How is Zishan Z2? Do you have any experience with that?
  8. TheoS53
    Ok, I see you haven't made many posts, so I'm going to assume that you're fairly new to this audio game. Double amping isn't ideal, which is what you'd be doing if you connected any amp to your phone's headphone port (unless the phone has a lineout function). As such, your best bet with a mobile device is always to rather use a DAC/AMP combo like the Q1. But take the time to Google and make sure that your phone is capable of outputting audio to an external DAC. On Android this is called OTG HOST functionality. And then you'll need a compatible app which would be able to communicate with the external device. Hiby Music is a great app on Android, and it's totally free
  9. Sam Wayne
    Thank you for your quick reply. I have not many posts but I have read through the Headfi forums and websites like Headfonia, Headfonics, WhatHiFi and many such sites. I made the account just recently to talk about Walnut V2s and F1. I may not have any expensive audio gear at present because I am a college student but I intend to experience quality audio in future. I thought of buying Audioquest Dragonfly Black but it is pretty expensive for me. I have OP3T and Hibymusic and Onkyo HF player installed. But I am not sure if OP3T will support Q1. That's why I am looking for DAC/AMPs such as Topping NX2s. Then amps such as Walnut F1 because they can act as stopgap devices fort he time being.
    P.S. Just ordered Monk+ though. Waiting for it now.:gs1000smile:
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
  10. DBaldock9
    It's on my wishlist, since it's reported to sound better than the Z1 & v2.

    BUT - there are reports that the Zishan Z2 does not function as an Amp, if you plug a Line In cable into the Line Out port, like you can on the Walnut v2 models.
    So, to use it as an Amp, you have to be connected via USB, and using it as a DAC / Amp.
  11. Sam Wayne
    But it is also likely to be suffering from the same EMI/RFI issue.
  12. DBaldock9
    There are two electrolytic capacitors, standing upright - very near the Op-Amp socket.
    I'm going to replace them with some that are moved a bit further away, and laying down.

    Then, I'm going to install a modified BrownDog (P/N 111001) "DIP-8 -to- 2x Single TO-99 adapter" in-place of the Op-Amp socket.
    The mods to the adapter will consist of:
    1.) Replacing the standard solder pins, with DIP socket pins.
    2.) Installing socket pins for the TO-99 devices.
    This will allow me to use dual LME49710HA Op-Amps, or remove them, and plug in a DIP-8 style Op-Amp (like a MUSES02).
    Soldering the multi-adapter to the board will be lower than plugging an TO-99 Op-Amp into the stock DIP-8 socket (i.e.- it should fit under the battery, and allow the case to close).
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  13. Yobster69
    Hi all. I am looking to get the F1 and will be feeding it via an iPhone and the LO from my Oppo HA-2 amp, so I am able to change the level of volume output from the DAC as well as the F1, so I have a good control of its overall output.
    My question is this, are the 2 outputs of the F1 different in sound signature, so that I am able to notice a difference between them when listening single ended and balanced on the same phones? And are both decent enough that it would give me an option of 'flavours' if you will?
    Thanks in advance
  14. activatorfly
    Balanced is much better than SE...which has a strangely muted sound signature. I only use it now for balanced output tbh which has much more sparkle! - you could try rolling the op-amp or replacing output gain capacitors, however it's hard to recommend the SE option....
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
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  15. Yobster69
    Thank you, It's not a major surprise to be honest, as I was looking to use this mainly balanced anyway. I know it's not true balanced but it's an intro of sorts, and you never know, the SE might synergise with something I own. It'll be fun trying. And the option to modify is also appealing.
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