WA5 without XLR but not LE :)
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George Chronis

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Nov 15, 2005
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Hi all,
I'm back from the dead :) I haven't been on here for a few years cause I was quickly running out of money (sound familiar?). Well, I saved enough to where I can afford a nice upgrade. I have been using a WA6 for the last few years. I sent it to Jack for the PDPS mod in 2010 (I believe) and I added a Sophia to it. I have the HD650 and K701 as my main headphones (among others).
My "nice upgrade" is going to be a WA5 paired with either an LCD2 or an HD800 (still reading about those and leaning toward the HD800). Perhaps I'll also add Jack's DAC, but I haven't looked at the DAC market, yet. I'm keeping everything else I have (of course).
Now here's what I'm getting at: I really need the WA5-LE and not the WA5, because I don't have high sensitivity speakers and I wasn't planning on starting to mess with room acoustics, finding speakers to match and all that (not to mention paying for them). However, since it's "only" $650 more to get the WA5, I was thinking to go with that just in case I want to play with speakers later on. "Later on" couldn't have come sooner as I already started looking at some Zu's. Anyway, that's not the topic. The topic is that I'm not going to use K1000's or any high power phones ever. And the XLR in front takes away from the terrific looks of this amp (in my eyes), especially since I will never use it. I also would like to have the two separate headphone outs of the LE, instead of a switch. So, I'm thinking I really need the LE front plate on the WA5 and some internal mods, except I also need a switch for the speakers.
I sent an email to Jack suggesting all this and proposing a flip switch in the back like the impedance switch on the WA6 that would switch between speaker and headphone output. Jack's response was that this would probably be costly and add lead time. I had the bright idea now to write to this forum after so many years and ask: Would anyone else be interested in something like this, so we can give more incentive to Jack to look into it? I'm willing to pay a bit more to have it done this way. I'm still expecting Jack's final answer, but I'd like to pose the question here as well. You guys know a lot more than me anyway, so I thought maybe I'd get some advice in case my thinking is completely flawed.
Well, that's it. Glad to be back, I guess (the same cannot be said about my wallet).

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