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100+ Head-Fier
Jul 27, 2008
Was informed by Woo Audio that the WA5-LE is to be updated in several weeks.  Here is the info:
Thank you for your continued support in our products.  WA5-LE would be a sizable step up from the models you’ve used.  We do have a new WA5-LE in the works.  The details are as follow.  Also see attached pic.
- new WA5-LE base model $3699 in silver or black 
- same chassis design as the outgoing model
- same base tubes configurations (6SN7, 300b, 274b) - see chart for additional compatible tubes (link)
WA5-LE (headphones only):
  1. Single-ended (SET), Class A, Transformer-coupled

  1. High power 1/4” and 4-Pin XLR headphone outputs (up to 8watts)
  1. User selectable High Power or Low Power output to match a wide variety of headphone power demands

  1. User selectable High or Low impedance to match headphone impedance
  1. User selectable High or Low output LEVEL to match headphone sensitivity
  1. XLR input x 1
  1. **** Premium internal parts available (V-Cap, Jensen, Black Gate caps)  $1210 extra

The new amplifier is not officially out yet, but we are accepting orders right now to be placed in the queue for production.  
Just let us know when you’re ready.  We will email you an invoice for review and payment.  Current estimated lead time on this new model is 2-3 weeks once your order is in our system.

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I'm sure it will be fantastic sounding like all woo amps..

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