w-1 wireless + sa 6
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Jul 3, 2009
im in the market for the sa 6 + w-1 kit..... however, i heard that the wireless kit has the hissing sound ... more like teh "E" noise in the back... is that true?? also , when you wear the wireless set, does the back part of it stick out and make it look weird??
is there anyway i can buy Bass++ plug?? and also soundearphones.com has the iphone module.... does anyone know if its working properly w/ the sa-6s?

i am a basshead and im looking for that extra bass. am i making the right choice by buying these phones? .thanks fo the help.

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I don't have any problems wearing them, it's very comfortable.

As for the noise, yes. It's quite noisy. For on the go use, it may not be too noticeable when listening to music.

But for quiet in home listening with classical music, it's too noisy IMO.

I found that if you hold both buttons and then do it again, it will change channels and sometimes you can get a quieter channel. I find it's best to turn them on, and then plug them into the headphone output jack.


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