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Vox Music Player: Stay Away

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by DCofficehack, Aug 30, 2018.
  1. DCofficehack
    I hate to be unkind, but I would urge forum members to stay away from Vox. Seriously worse customer service ever. In 2016 I was poking around and found myself with a "premium account," for which they charged $191. I asked for them to return the money and cancel the subscription, because I didn't want it. Their response basically was "too bad, sucker." They never returned it. Two years later, out of the blue I find myself charged another $191. So it seems that the subscription was still on, and I was still on the hook for a renewal after two years. Of course, I've never once used the service. I asked again for them to return the money, and they answered, "too bad, sucker."

    Never have I had a problem like this with anyone. They couldn't even be bothered to respond to most of my emails, and they never in fact sent me a proper email with so much as a proper email address. And of course there's no other contact info.
  2. DCofficehack
    That's Vox Rocks. Or Vox.Rocks. If only I knew how to edit the post title.
  3. DCofficehack
    Unsurprisingly, in my efforts to track down the company behind Vox, it turns out that the address and phone number listed for them are bogus. One of the Ukrainian numbers might have been real, but whoever answered hung up on me as soon as I started talking. Meanwhile. the CEO, Ivan Ablamskyi, is resisting all of my efforts to get in touch with him by phone, email, or dm.

    I contacted the company that handles Vox's payments, which in turn has been sending messages to Vox. That company has been forwarding to me Vox's replies. Vox says, "thanks, we're reaching out to the customer." That placates the payments company, but it is also a lie.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018

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