Vote for my next DAC :)
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Jan 2, 2008
Ok so I narrowed it down to the choices you see in the poll, if your thinking all these dacs suck what is this guy thinking choose other and let me know what your thinking. Thanks for you time and helping me choose me dac.
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I'm thinking there is no poll.
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give it a sec sorry about that it always does that post the thread first then you fill the poll not sure why. BTW my budget is 300usd and can stretch to 350usd if it's really worth it.
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Completely off-topic but I love your avatar. Where's it from?

And back on topic, I haven't heard any of the above but the MD10 seems to be getting consistently good reviews.
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Thanks bizzel I just made that avatar recently, it's the Grateful Deads logo actually. If you want I would be glad to make you a logo similar to that (blends in which background) I was thinking seriously about the MD10 as well because it has USB TOSLINK(optical) and Coax. Also I hear they upgrade nicely but I'm looking for the best dac now that I don't have to upgrade. A used dac would be great 2. BTW who voted for the HiFiDiy Dac ?
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Just get a Beresford TC-7510 for about 200$ and save your money for something better later. This is a decent all round performer at a good price level. The newest Mk6/v3 has a decent headphone amp as well.
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I don't need an amplifier, sorry I forgot to mention this (looking to buy a gilmore lite or Darkvoice or something as good). And for 300usd I would hope I could get something nice for that much money. Thank you for all your suggestions. Do you think I might as well get a $200 Dac ?
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I think the Beresford is probably as good as any dac below 350$ your max price point. If you could go ~450 you would have the Ori. If you could go 600$ you could have the CIAudio. If you could go about ~800 you are talking about a Stello. If you could go 900$ you are looking at the Lavry or Benchmark. So below 350$ I am not aware of much that could do you better than my Beresford. Not that I have heard everything, I haven't. Maybe others could add to this. There is also the Scott DAC but they go a little higher than your point. But those on the line could be found used maybe around 350$.

There is the Presonus Central Station that I have seen used for your price range but you would have to either put up a WBT or be patient. This may be your best bet...
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I agree jinp it' either really cheap or really expensive for a DAC. I was wondering if I should try and go with optical out and possibly the keces (heard some nice things about this) OR the Zero Dac and replace the opamps and have other important upgrades.
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The only dac that I have been happy with under $1000 is the Ori V4.

Now I have not heard the Zaps or Twisted Pear.

So, go hunting on audiogon for an older dac. I got a PS audio II for very cheap. It was a fun dac for the money.
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I would go along with the Beresford T-7510. If you are looking at the option of modding whatever DAC you eventually decide on, then the lower price of the TC-7510 will straight away put some spare cash in your hands to play with on mods. Mind you, there aren't any available for the 6/3 and a lot of good things are said about it on other sites.
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I have to put a vote in for the beresford here, as i currently have one and found it to be a fair bit better than a moodlab i had beforehand (the dice), as for the other options, i am afraid i have no idea.

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