voltage setting for benchmark dac1 usb(from 220V into 110V) , U.S users helps plz
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Jan 7, 2008
I have just bought a used DAC1 USB from Jimp. However because he didn't have enough time to change its voltage into 120V , I have to do it by myself.
any helper will be appreciate

right now when I open the drawer which is near to the IEC. I see two fuses inside it . I also have two extra fuse.
However all four of them are 500mAL250V(the same).
I read the instruction and know that 110V setting is 0.5amp , 220V setting is 0.25V

from each fuse, there are two sides (one has the letters 500mAL250V, and the other only has strange symbols).
From what I think I need to put 500mAL250V side up for both fuse. Is it correct?
how can I change the switch into 110V? I don't see any switch in the drawer?

Opp, I see the switch now . I just need to take the white drawer out.

plz help me, pictures will help me a lot

I posted some pictures to show you some of my option(SYMBOL option and 250V option) for the setting. plz show me which one will be correct.

I also have 2 JUMPERS . What are they used for

here is my pictures:
Flickr: waddragon's Photostream

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Originally Posted by waddragon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
problem has been sold

I hope the poor guy that has bought the problem from you gets someone to help him.

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