Vinyl record cleaner question
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 12, 2006
Looking for some feedbacks about record cleaning devices, such as:

Spin Clean MK2

Record Friend Cleaner

Both seems to have identical design and the way how to handle / clean records, but the question is, how effective these are vs. vacuum machines?
Another question I have, how safe these devices, especially when HQ 180/200gr records are used?

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Hi - I have never used one of those cleaning systems, but I have had a VPI HW16.5 for about 15 years and it's fantastic. The vacuum machines have worked very well for me with all sorts of records, including 180/200g. I think I picked mine up used for $400.
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Ditto what @jawks posted. The 16.5 is a great machine! I've had mine close to 20 years with no complaints.
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Pro-Ject Vinyl Cleaner. Sensibly-priced, well-designed and reliable (but not quiet).
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I have a VPI HW-16, used constantly for 35 years (retired, not died in 2015). HW-17 is the machine to have if your collection is over 1K LP's.

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