Vienna Head-Fi meet 2017-10-07

  1. plakat
    This time I took almost no pictures (no, not even of our whisky gallery...) -- except for...


    Nevertheless we had fun and I hope some others can fill in the blanks with their photos.
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  2. HirschiAUT
    Oh yeah, someone PLEASE fill some blanks, i am having way too many of em :p
  3. Edgar Kaksis
    Thank you guys for yet another memorable meet-up!
    I was so consumed by conversations that I very quickly forgot about the camera and took no pics but these:




    Looking forward for the next one! :wink:
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  4. Graenzgaenger
    I want to thank Plakat and Ampair for organizing this event. It was really cool, although I joined you quite late.
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  5. xxx1313
    I also want to thank the organizers, I really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure talking to people, listening to the HEK V2 again, and last but not least to the MySphere 3.1. It looks and sounds promising and I hope that fit and bass slam will be even better with the final product. :L3000:
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  6. FritzS
    My great thank to Plakat and Ampair too!

    And for the box of 'Bier'!

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