Video suggestions for demos of Audiophile terms?
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Nov 18, 2018
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Not sure the most appropriate place to post this question.

So I've read the Glossary of Terms, and Describing Sound on here, but there is so much information and I tend to learn by example.

Anyone know of recommended videos which walk one through the differences in headphones? For example, I would love a video to play music and then give actual examples of things like recessed mids, lacking sub-bass or not, bright/not bright, or even with explanations with example audio such as "elevated mids impact perception of XXXX" with audio to demonstrate. I have a decent collection of headphones at this point, but am terrible at describing them and the differences. I regularly read headphone, amp, and DAC reviews and do understand some basic such as sibilance or something being overly bright, but I see people discussing how such differences may increase the perception of vocals, specific instruments, or frequency ranges.

I've tried various Google and Youtube searches without much luck. There seem to be a lot of talking heads about audiophile terms without actually demonstrating what those things mean.

Hopefully I'm being clear enough on what I'm trying to find. Thanks!

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