[Victor's uncasing] Visit SoundBar (Jaben) Shanghai local store
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May 21, 2016
Shanghai, China (originally from UK)
Nice tour round the store! Hasn't changed much since the Jaben days :)
For anyone interested in visiting, this building has two outlets/listening rooms. Soundbar in the video and Earphone King which is a couple of floors below. Both quite different places, both worth a look. Then not far from this building (like, 7 minutes walk maybe) there's Soundluck, another audio store.
These three stores represent the only places you can easily and comfortably audition a very wide range of headphones, earphones, amps and players in Shanghai. Staff are very nice in all places, selection is pretty wide. I try to make my audio purchases in one of the three to keep them alive - we are lucky to have them here!!!

Soundbar (or might have still been Jaben) was where I got to hear the JH Audio Layla. Didn't have someone watching over my shoulder, didn't have anyone pushing for a sale, was just able to properly audition them at my leisure.

If you're based in Shanghai, please support these places!

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