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Vibro Labs is going on sabbatical

  1. amdee1979
    What a sad day! I have two Vibro products, one of them being the Earphone and thus far is my most favorite set of IEM's. I'm very disappointed to learn we're losing such a valuable member of the audiophile market. Best of luck to Luke and all the members of Vibro Labs. Your attention to detail and awesome products will be missed!
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  2. PxOR
    Anyone knows how to contact luke for warranty? My Sera broke.Tried the email address on the website but it's been 5 days and haven't heard back yet...I'm worried :triportsad:
  3. Jackpot77
    Sad times - Luke and his Vibro brand were a breath of fresh air in the industry. Hope he resurfaces somewhere in the future.
  4. FortisFlyer75
    Indeed, Tough times with the Chinese pushing out IEMS costing £15-30 that can sound good as some of the £150-300 range iems making it harder for one man bands with golden ears like Luke. With his Maya I felt it was the same thing but his £500 iem sounded more like some of the £1k+ iems out there and to be honest in the last year I've heard a lot of iems costing from £1- 2.5K with more drivers than you can shake a stick out and still feel balance wise and tonality Luke nailed it with what I heard from the Maya with just the four drivers.

    Somehow I don't think we will see him in the IEM arena again unfortunately.

    Anyone with an "Earphone" model that Luke done that they are thinking about selling I am interested by the way!
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  5. rantng
    Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll return to IEMs either.

    There’s no way I’m getting rid of my Earphone. They are a great value and hit way above their price point. I was actually considering picking up another one as a backup. I don’t think his IEMs ever got the recognition they deserved.
  6. FortisFlyer75
    No, his IEMS never did get the recognition they deserved and glad I'm not the only one found they sound better than their price point but if you ever do change your mind you know where I am if you do decide to sell the "Earphone"! :joy::laughing:
  7. rantng
    Apparently, Vibro Labs is alive and well. Luke just popped up in an Instagram live video. I was the only one who joined so it was a very quick few seconds, I just had enough time to say hey. I was having some connection issues so I didn't get to ask if he was working on something; I think he was just trying to see how the whole live video thing worked. He was in his shop and he mentioned it's been some time since he's used the spray booth. Hopefully we'll be seeing something. I haven't used my Earphones in some time, but I think it's time to pop them back in my ears.
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  8. FortisFlyer75
    Luke coming back to do earphones, surely not? I thought he would be too busy mining now days to do any IEM's...

    I'm still loving my Mayas and regretted not getting them turned into custom fit by him and then missed out on the "earphone" model which lasted five minutes before he pulled out of the iem race.

    Well, it would be good if Luke does a "Return of the Vibro" and gives it another shot and this thread kicks back into a new lease of life.

    Thanks for the enticing & teasing information rantng ; )
  9. Jackpot77
    Definitely. Would have loved to try the Earphone. Looks like he's back into making wood cups for Grado judging by his Insta posts over the last few days?

    Anyone know if he's back on HeadFi yet?
  10. rantng
    Unfortunately, even when he was still in the business his activity on here was pretty sparse.

    From the sounds of it, he may be getting back into where he made his name, wooden earcups. Hopefully that’s just the start.
  11. FortisFlyer75
    Maybe just working on the headphones then?, but still hold out hope he will give the IEM side of it a shot again.

    Thing is the IEM arena is competitive let alone the Chinese flooding the lower end with punching above their weight for the money IEMS which makes it very hard to operate extremely difficult unless you can offer the all round experience some of these bigger companies can afford to do. Which is a shame as just from what I heard of the Mayas for the money Luke does not disappoint on the tuning side of things. I love the sig which is spot on for me, technically I have still heard better (which again will cost twice the price) but the overall balance and cohesion sometimes can trump an IEM that has the better technical ability that cannot stitch together the bigger picture of cohesion and balance.

    I still live in hope the that he one day might return to give it a right proper go sometime in the future...
    For my sake he does as I am gradually running out of my 600 gauge foam tips the Mayas uses!
  12. Schwibbles
    Considering he's selling everything for making the Earphone, it seems unlikely he'll make any more of them.

    I just got one of the last Earphone prototypes from the website for the discounted price of $75. I wish I had found it back when I was looking for IEMs under $200 because I probably would've made it my main one back then.
  13. rantng
    The final version of the Earphone was a quad-BA. Looks like the prototype has a Knowles GK driver.
  14. rantng
    It's official, Vibro Labs is out of the IEM business and is going back to its roots, wood headphone cups. This is from an email I received announcing Vibro Labs is back. I'm never selling my Earphone. I still have my Sera as well.

    Looking for in-ear monitors? You won’t find them here. We’re done with in-ear monitors. That down there is a Grado cup. A mighty fine one at that.

    Why are we relaunching our business with a Grado cup? A wise man once said: “to build a pair of cans you need some cups.” Do you want to build a pair of cans? Great! So do we. That’s why we made this cup.

    Cups today, cans tomorrow.

    Vibro Labs

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
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  15. rantng
    So @Schwibbles how does the Earphone prototype sound? I managed to pick up one of the prototypes as well. The rear has wood reminiscent of the Sera.

    CB48E41D-CB61-406D-8CBD-DFCF3D8C8698.jpeg 617F8E88-4713-46BD-B45E-F9280CA45B85.jpeg

    I haven’t really listened to it much yet; I couldn’t get a good fit with the installed foam tips. I thought they were actually glued on and only just discovered that they were just a tight fit. I’ve got spinfits on these now so I’m putting some time on them now. It’s actually a hybrid with a dynamic driver and what looks to be a Knowles ED armature. So far I’m liking what I hear. Ah, how I wish Luke was still in the IEM game.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019

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