vibez firmware update 1.19 Beta
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Dec 19, 2006
The feedback thread: Happy B-Day vibez firmware 1.04 - now with new beta firmware within! - Riovolution

The readme & download: vibez v1.19 beta firmware

The skinny:
  1. "Karma playlisting" - Restored ability to create and edit playlists independently of the Now Playing list.
  2. FLAC decoder upgraded to 1.2.1
  3. Embedded album art now supported for FLAC
  4. Lullaby feature. Option to power off device (if possible) in a set time (<= 4 hours). It is also possible to fade out the volume during this period as well as extend shutdown time ("Dead man's switch").
  5. History. A history of selected music is available and can be used in a similar way to normal music.
  6. Cue files. External cue files are now parsed and presented per track on a 'Cue' rotary popup (switch on separately). Internal 'cue' formats are also understood for WMA and FLAC files. Please see section below also.
  7. Fixed issues in DJ 'Play Rating' dialog.

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