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Very High end Speakers Boenicke audio

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by munk, Mar 25, 2009.
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  1. captian73
    Why don't you put Google to some good use or even youtube!!!

  2. 00lunar

    Please stop, you bring literally nothing to the table with such comments and obviously don't know what is the matter of discussion here. I enjoy DIY, but if you really think that buying the very same speakers as the ones used in W5, making a similar wooden box and using common crossover will make it sound IN THE SAME WAY, you're dead wrong. For instance, with W5 people try to, they really do, sometimes under legit audio brands, yet the outcome isn't the same (Auris Audio for example) not even close really. It simply doesn't work like that. Not in case of Boenicke speakers, LampizatOr DAC-s or Firstwatt amps and this list could go on and on.
    The reason is simple, though. There are several exceptionally skilled engineers out there who posess the knowledge to build exceptional devices with very basic parts. Said individuals simply know how to i.e. tweak them, do unique things vast majority of other engineers don't even think of.  
    Instead of serving us with links of some simple YT DIY, I encourage you to google Firstwatt F7. It's a very "simple" design, with a handful of very affordable parts inside. This is the most minimalistic class A amplifier my very eyes have seen and subjectively one of the best ones soundwise. But it'd be stupidity to think that Nelson Pass doesn't do special things of deep level engineering (positive and negative feedback correlation, rings any bells?) which are extremely hard to copy, unless he gives you the design and actual insight of what's really going on in his circuitry. The same story is with Sven Boenicke, Łukasz Fikus or Bruno Putzeys, but in speakers, d/a conversion and class D amplification games respectively. You've completely missed the "skilled engineers" part in your thinking. Yes, that kind of people is responsible for great products. That's the way it is. But to understand that, you'd have to actually HEAR these somewhere to know. Usually that's how it works and W5 case is no different, sorry.
    Or to put it in simple words: please, don't be ignorant. Judging the outcome by drivers used was... rather hilarious, but facepalming is simply childish.
  3. captian73
    i bring nothing apart from hard evidence, links to said parts, video evidence and a bit of knowledge which most here are missing .... but besides that ....
    Now if you'd excuse me, I was part way through a paper from Ethan Winer. 
  4. Brooko Contributor
    [Mod Comment]
    I've had to step in here after flags were raised.  Please quit with the facepalm comments.
    Secondly - has anyone actually compared the W5 side-by-side with the DIY alternative?  Unless you have then claiming one is equivalent or better than the other is simply a guess (this goes for both sides). I'd suggest dealing in actual facts gentlemen.  If you haven't compared you quite simply do not have a post-worthy opinion.  So leave it out please.
  5. 00lunar

    Thank you for your input, Brooko. On the contrary to banned individual above who neither owns, nor had a pleasure to hear Boenicke W5, I actually have these, among two other monitors and Boenicke W8 floorstanders. On top of that, two very decent sources and three amplifiers are nearby. And yes, I've compared W5 to dozens of different monitors (DIY builds among them) over more than two years time period as doing so is my daily job actually. So when I wrote that W5 is an amazing speaker, this was done based on an extensive comparisons conducted in the past. 
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  6. pkcpga
    I'm just curious has anyone compared the boenicke to b and w nautilus speakers. I noticed the interior of the w series are very similar in design. I have a pair of older nautilus pre dating the w series but curious how they compare sound wise since these look better in a more formal space.
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