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Mar 31, 2007
At the moment -apart from Stax- I own two low impedance cans (MS2i's and ATH-W1000's) and two higher impedance cans (K501, DT990), and one HP amp, i.e. MF XCan V2.

I'm quite satisfied of the XCanV2 when using K501 and DT990, but quite not when it comes to low impedance cans: sound gets a little bit... muddy.
Nothing dramatic, just a little bit, but that's neat, and neater if you just compare, for example, the set XCanV2+W1000 to the same W1000 driven by the HP-out socket of my mid-fi CDP: the latter is sure better

Moreover, with low impedance (or high sensibility ?) cans I can hear noise and interferences I never heard before (and I do not even hear today) with K501's and DT990's.

So, I'm starting to look for a more versatile amp, good for both low and high impedance.
I'd prefer not to have 2 amps (actually, 3 with the Stax amp) in my living room, I'd like to have an allrounder. I do not expect it to be incredibly wonderful with whatever can in the world you can possibly plug in it, but it should be at least good with some and better with others.
I'm thinking of the Rudistor entry level (NX03), after listening to one of its much bigger brothers (RPX100, maybe ?) which actually sounded oh, so greeeeat with HD650, ATH-W1000, Denon D5000, Ultrasone ed. 9, Alessandro MS2i, and in general any other HP I tried with it.
So now you have a budget, too -I mean the NX03 price.

But I listen to all advices or warnings.

I won't buy it it tomorrow: I must gather money and then again I always like to take all the time I need and even more, listen, try, and so on.
But I'm starting to gather opinions, as well.

wow, this is sure my longest post here, sorry for boring you.

thanks, ciao

ps: I love all of my cans, so "don't change amp, use only low/high impedance cans" can not be a solution
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Apr 4, 2003
You may want to look into Graham Slees Solo which I think is actually slightly cheaper then the NX-03. It drives headphones in a different way then other amps do. I wont go into much detail about it because you can read about it on his website. I will say though that I currently use it with HD600's, K701's and Grado SR225s and it sounds equally great with all of them and the volume stays very consistent with the pot in the same spot when switching between the different headphones is very nice. Thats my 2 cents anyways.

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