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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. waynes world

    I experienced exactly the same thing when using the earhoox with the asuras and zen.
  2. Tarnum
    Just received Monk today and check after burning for more than 10 hours. First impression: it reminds me the Ubiquo ES-703 with darker sound-sign and more bass. Very nice and impressive sound for 5$. Using the donut foam, in comparison to my fully burned-in Baldoor E100 (using fully covered foam): E100 has more lively vocal, bass go deeper and treble more extended than to Monk. Monk has tighter bass, more recessed mid, better separation and better PRaT. Overall, to my ear, Baldoor E100 is more enjoyable than Monk. After burn-in, hope Monk can be better. Monk is best p/p ratio but E100 is still an excellent choice if you got a "right" one. I have 4 pairs of E100, but just one has the best sound....don't know why.  

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  3. earbudaudyo
    Waiting on my Monk in the mail from AE, but I'm digging these E100's, which I got on ebay for $8 ($9.99 best offer). Anyone know if these $3.96 Monks are a good deal with total shipping costs?
  4. waynes world
    I'm not sure what you're asking. Those appear to be the same Monks as the AE ones.
    Pretty interesting writeup in that page lol.
  5. earbudaudyo
    Basically trying to gauge total shipping costs on Mistertao to see the total price to US
  6. golov17
    S51104-073625.jpg [​IMG][/IMG] S51104-073638.jpg
  7. RedJohn456
    Oh lookie whats that?? (Not my pics lol I wish I had a pair!)
      20151103175846.jpg 20151103180505.jpg
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  8. nmatheis Contributor
  9. ozkan
    Can someone compare Monk with Edifier H180 since they are in the same price range?
    Just got my pair of Monks today and wow! These things rock! I was really skeptical and thought there was no way an earbud could every sound remotely good but I have been proven very wrong. How does VE manage to sell these for only a fiver?!
  11. golov17
    1106_2.jpg S51030-203338.jpg
    This new foams for all line VE! HQ! Like Hiegi! Wow! Thanks, Lee :muscle::muscle::muscle:
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  12. nmatheis Contributor
    After I just bought the Heigi, VE comes through for us :L3000:
  13. mochill
  14. RedTwilight
    They're gonna look absolutely smashing with the clear smoke and wine red Zen V2! 
  15. mochill
    yes they will:heart_eyes:
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