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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. DJScope
    If you mean awesomesauce? These leak more awesomesauce that I've ever seen!
    On a serious note, yes, these leak sound out and in but for earbuds they're pretty decent.
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  2. RedTwilight
    I feel that both are really nice in their own way, the Monk has more midbass and deeper subbass, but also a peak at a slightly higher freq than the E100. I can tolerate the E100 without foam but the Monk's require it.
    E100 is more transparent to me, and for my songs, I feel that it's nicer for vocal. Earbell indeed, it does have that bell-like clarity. Monk is darker and has a bigger soundstage though.
  3. Coldheart29
    Gah, still waiting for mine to arrive. And you guys keep hyping me way too much. The monks can't arrive fast enough!
  4. DJScope
    Listening to the Final Fantasy orchestral album right now and my spine is just melting from the awesomesauce that's oozing into my ears! [​IMG] 
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  5. Coldheart29

    You're such a bad person :frowning2:
  6. DJScope
    Says the guy name "Coldheart" [​IMG] hahaha! Hang in there mate! The wait is worth it.
    golov17 likes this.
  7. Coldheart29

    Guess so, considered all the hype these buds are generating. Just wish i was better at the waiting game :D
  8. smith
    loving the Monk it has such a balanced sound. Really should have got the mic version for my iphone...so if any one has the mic version and would like to trade for the non mic version drop me a pm.
  9. DJScope

    There's a mic version??? I want to get one for my wife.
  10. golov17
    At the beginning of sales, there was a version with a microphone, and then it was discontinued unfortunately..
  11. smith

    Yeah It has been discontinued unfortunately....I have contacted Venture electronics and they do not have anymore as well.
  12. zhibli06
    Frankly speaking, I wasn't going to disconnect it, if people on AE is nicer.
    there are different kind of mic standards with cellphone.
    So , no mic can work with every device.
    And they will start dispute and request refund, if they can't get it working. Even when it is their own device not being compatible.
    people asked my , why won't I open a store on EBAY?
    I had been doing this(selling headphones online)  since my days in collage, both in and out of Japan.
    I really enjoy selling good stuff and make people happy, but I hate being "disputed".
    and sometime people can be really unfair on those kind of platform, I had some really bad exp with both yahoo japan and ebay before.
    And now AE, I might get some other model done for cheap around 10USD(maybe), once we have our own store, so I can write a very thorough intro and 
    Won't get all courted marshaled.
    But for now, I am really sorry,  it pissed me off, when some cheap A-hole cheat my with those things.
    I am barely holding it together without the mic-issue, I really can't deal with this kind of stuff till we can have our own site up and running.
  13. smith

    Thanks for letting us know the reason why Lee. Not to worry its a fantastic sounding earbud at a great price, mic or no mic!
  14. DJScope

    My review is up!


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  15. golov17
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