VD Power 3 vs. Power 3 Cryo power cord?
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Dec 9, 2001
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Dec 9, 2001
I read though THE THREAD and now I hate you guys even more than I did before.
Now I'm convinced that a better power cable for my new source would be a good idea.

I cannot afford $150 for a new Power 3 straight from VD, but they seem to be easy to come by slightly used on Audiogon for much less. Also, I see that VD no longer offers the Power 3 Cryo on their site, but I could still probably grab one used on audiogon for ~$20 more than the regular Power 3 version.

So, is the Cryo version of the Power 3 worth ~$20 more than the regular version? I couldn't really find an answer in the THE THREAD.

Also, these power cables are pretty much universal, right? I'm getting a Music Hall mmf-25 cdp, which has a replaceable power cord. I don't need to worry compatibility, do I?

Since my source doesn't even cost $500, I'm not even considering paying the full $150 for a new Power 3 cable or looking at their higher end cords. I'm pretty sure most of you would agree that spending more than $100 on a power cable would be stupid with my source.
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