Various (and best) ways to connect T4 (or T3) and ipod classic

  1. Sproles
    OK - I am leaning towards getting either a T4 or the new T3 when it comes out soon. I have a pair of LiveWire Trips on order and want to add a nice "beginner's" amp to the system. I have an iPod Classic 160gig and am wondering how is the best way to connect (via cabling) the two items and then also how to physically connect them to each other. Velcro, rubber band, etc?

    I noticed that iBasso website has 2 different ways to connect (via cabling) the amp to iPod - 3.5mm line out/line in cable or the iPod connector out to 3.5mm cable.

    I look forward to seeing (pics would be great) and your comments on this item.

  2. So_Sweet
    Hehe I would use the LOD, I currently use the iBasso CB03 with the T4 and I LOVE IT!
  3. f4phantom2500
    I know the FiiO amps are much cheaper than what you're looking into, but for what it's worth I recently went from a FiiO e5 using the headphone out on my Nano 4G to a FiiO e1. From what I understand both amps are supposed to perform similarly, so my guess is that any perceivable difference would be mainly due to using the line out instead of the headphone out. Using my Yuin G2A's, I see quite a good improvement in SQ with the e1. It's not night and day, but it's just like a veil's been lifted a bit. The music just sounds purer.

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