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Valve (tube) testers

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by KT66, Jun 1, 2017.
  1. KT66
    Hi interested if anyone else needs to test their valves occasionally. I have tried in vain to find anyone in SE England who can do this.
    "Proper" testers start about £3k from what I can see.

    So I have arriving tomorrow an Orange VT1000 tester. It's a toy compared to the real thing and the vintage snobs laugh at it but it'll do the job I need. I use valves in HIFI and guitar amps, and of course I have multiples of both!

    Anyone else used one?

    What do you do to get your m&s tested or do you not bother

  2. Triode User
    I use my AVO VCM163 tester.

    The Orange VT1000 looks useful though.
  3. phaeton70
    I have and regularly use this one : https://www.radioelec.com/en/-xml-354_440-1508.html

    you must know what to do, it's not for beginners, you will need an adapter to test triode like 300B (given with the tester, but you need to ask for it), you can test also diode/rectifier but you need an external supply (really simple), but it is very precise, it's digital so you don't need frequent calibration, and it is so flexible that you can basically test anything if you know the specifics. and of course, the main point here is that it is really cheap :)

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