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Valhalla 2 -> ??

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by og10, Mar 14, 2017.
  1. OG10
    Hello all, 
    I have been running the Valhalla 2 on my HD800s for some time now. 
    I now have a bigger budget so was wondering what your suggestions would be for this?
    I have a budget of £1500 for it. I would like a similar signature to what I have with the V2, but was wondering whether Senns on HDVD800 is worth a punt?
    It has to be located in the UK or EU.. I don't like paying customs :p
    Any suggestions welcome :)
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I'd just keep the Valhalla2 since 1) specs-wise it's pouring in all the power the HD800 will need and at low THD and noise (if at least for an OTL amp) and 2) you like it anyway.
    That said, the Valhalla2 actually spits out more than the necessary power at 300ohms and 600ohms (for the T1), but still has relatively high output impedance and much lower output power at 32ohms to 120ohms, so if you're looking into getting a low impedance headphone, low sensitivity headphone in the future, then that's a good reason to get something else.
    Taking into consideration low impedance, low(er) sensitivity headphones, if you plan on getting any such headphone, then that's when you upgrade. If and when you do, look into the Meier Corda Classic FF (and DACcord FF if you need a DAC with it), or Violectrics (which also have optional DAC modules).
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  3. thyname
    Get Mjolnir 2 and call it a day
  4. OG10
    Hmm Mjolnir 2 isn't in Stock. 
    Would the Ragnarok be overkill?
    I like the idea of that replacing my current amplifier set up too.
  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you're going to need it to drive speakers too then it's less of whether it's overkill for the headphone but whether it's enough for the speakers with room size taken into account. If it's enough, then at least it performs both functions, and unlike some other speaker integrated amps, at least the Ragnarok is known to not have any compromises in design that would make it a bad choice for some headphones (ex low impedance and low sensitivity).
  6. OG10
    I am struggling to find anything for the HD800.. bar the Schiit Raggy
    Are there any other good pairings? - Currawong suggested in one of his reviews that Head-A was a good fit for the HD800 I am thinking I might have to import that in
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Looks like your problem is the headphone a lot more than the amp. Get the Lyr2 and LCD-2, then whatever power amp to drive the speakers, using the preamp output from the Lyr2.
  8. FYB-2
    Wondering what the OP decided?

    You might check out Ray Samuels line of headphone amps. He receives top reviews on his gear, including mine for my F-117 phono preamp.
  9. anderman
    I just got a Valhalla 2, running it with an AudioQuest DFR. Pretty warm and detailed sounds.
  10. Deftone
    Valhalla 2 isnt warm buddy.
  11. wwmhf
    Please consider a Darkvoice 336SE ...
  12. malazz123
    or try the woo audio ... wa3 / wa6
  13. wwmhf
    With a larger budget, 339 can be considered
  14. Deftone
    I dont know how id feel about recommending darkvoice because of the smoke issues.
  15. Guidostrunk
    Woo Audio Wa2 would be my suggestion. Senns love OTL amps.

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