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Vacuum cleaner review

  1. tescosamoa
    I purchased the Hoover Wind tunnel 2. I have one cat and mixed floors.

    The Hoover really sucks up the hair. I read about people complaining that it does not work well on hardwood floors. But I did not have any problems of dirt being tossed all over the place. Bagless and HEPA filter are added bonuses. Easy to clean with.
  2. stevenkelby Contributor
    I looked into it very extensively a couple years ago and bought a Wertheim 5030.

    They are the most powerful suction for a 10 amp vacuum and are quiet. I love it.

    Here is the new model:

    New in Box - Wertheim 5035 Vacuum Cleaner - eBay Vacuum Cleaner Bags, Vacuum Cleaners, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Home. (end time 24-Jan-08 22:09:15 AEDST)

    They are very hard to find though, European brand.

    I have had plenty of vacuums (12+) in the past 10 years, most are rubbish. Dysons had some good models and some duds. Get a good one and they are great till they break but can last ages with care.
  3. Old Pa
    I've had my Dyson DC07 Full Kit for about five years and it's great. My wife has gone through two Kenmore (Panasonic) canisters in the same time; what she doesn't break Sears service stooges are more than happy to break. BTW, vacuum cleaner bags set the model for ink jet printer ink sales.

    SWMBO cleans everything with a vacuum including bathrooms and dusting. She likes a loud vacuum so that I know she's finally doing something and she can disrupt whatever I'm trying to listen to. Did I mention she hates headphones?

    Now she's showing some affection for my Dyson. She likes tha fact that she gets to see what has been picked up and can dump it and start fresh next time. I like the high suction and that except for the friction fit tools, the Dyson is designed like a good tool.

    I figure if SWMBO keeps using my Dyson, she'll eventually break it, too, and I can get a new and tricker one. [​IMG]
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    im not sure what dyson is or where they are from, but my family have had a miele for about 30 years or so. naturally, it is the hose type that you can use to get anywhere and when it breaks down (2x or so now) it is serviced by a true professional who treats it as a piece of art.

    it is powerful, does not break even if a nasty thing is thrown its way (it has sucked up heaps of stuff) and has kept going for 30 years despite a few problems. forget whoever are dyson - never heard of them - go for a worldwide name - miele!
  5. Jaw007
    The Hoover Powermax Cyclonic that I bought from HSN for $120.00
    Works very well,some people say's it picks up better than the Dyson.Read the reviews for this vac at Hsn.com
  6. derekbmn
    Kirby G5 owner checking in.
  7. Audiofiler
    The ORIGINAL electrolux (now referred to Aerus Electrolux), the best & only vacuum one would ever need.

    Don't be fooled by the cheap $500-$600 models in the store, this brand of Electrolux is NOT the original Electrolux name our parents grew up with, and is manufactured by Eureka and other brands, garbage.
    If you own pets, have allergies, or live in a home over 1300 sq feet, the 9000 series Electrolux canister vacuum should be on your list to check out. Yes, it is expensive, and yes, it is worth it having a 25 Yr warranty and the best features of any vacuum available. This unit actually cleans the house, pillows, curtains, mattress, furniture, etc. It is disgusting how many contaminants, allergins, and bed mites alone are in your pillow/mattress which you drool on every night.
    If you have multiple pets, I stongly urge you to consider this vacuum.
    The 9000 series is the ONLY vacuum on the market which is approved by the National Allergy association - period. It actually traps bacteria and allergins in and seals them inside safely. All other vacuums should be stored outside, as there is no way to keep the bacteria in, although you think you are sweeping it up. The 9000 actually cleans and purifies the air while in operation, and is to date the only vacuum (have used many) that cats are not afraid of[​IMG]

    Since a vacuum is a life long investment, do some research first. We absolutely love ours and paid around $1400 for it if I recall correctly. You cannot simply buy these in the stores. Contact an Aurus Electrolux dealer near you to learn more. No I don't sell these but am a green minded person, so buying one vacuum is better than buying several over the next decade, etc.

    Think about it.
  8. vibin247
    My family's been using Kirby for over 18 years, with two current models, the G5 and G6. Performance is good, but I'm not sure it's worth the high price tag. Design isn't too user friendly either, with it being over 25 lbs. and attachments that don't seem to stay connected after a while. I tried to get them to try a Dyson, but they wouldn't budge [​IMG]
  9. fuego
    For years, despite trying many different carpet cleaners, I have been a loyal Hoover girl. My favorite shampooer was a Hoover SpinBrush with Clean Surge. I thought it was the best .. until I tried this Bissell Vacuum Cleaner!
    Putting this Bissell 47A23 Proheat 2x Premier Full-Size Carpet Cleaner together takes about 3 minutes. Quick, easy and done. It feels solid enough, sturdy. My only concern is that sometimes when the water tank is totally full, making the unit heavy, you can feel some wiggle in the handle as you steer and use the shampooer. It is really only very slight and I really don't think it will be an issue, but it is something I noticed.

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