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V-Moda Headphone upgrade worth it?

  1. MrToxoror
    I recently purchased my first pair of headphones in the ~200$ range, the V-moda LP2. Needless to say im very impressed with everything about the headphone, and can easily say V-Moda lives up to everything said about them. Although after getting used to the sound signature, I came to realize that these phones only truly shine when listening to synthetic music. Although I had expected this upon purchase, I did not expect them to sound so "crunchy" when listening to genres like Rock. With this being said, in seek an opinion from someone familiar with both the LP2 and the M-100, would it be worth returning and shelling out the extra money for the M-100? In particular im just looking for a slightly wider soundscape and more instrument seperation and clarity. Thanks :)
  2. HardstyleLoco96
    Hell yes, the M100 still has bass but it's more of that tight, punchy and fast bass. As for soundstage much bigger than the Lp2 and once you add the Xl pads soundstage sounds bigger but the treble seems a little bit less but I don't know if it's my ears playing tricks on me. But I can definetly confirm that upgrading to the M100 is a big upgrade, you'll realise that it sounds much cleary, funner and more better for a wider range of music. If it feels that the bass is a bit much on them get a equalizer and turn the sub bass and mid bass down a little bit and it,s a completely different experience, you can hear more details in the music and if you amp them they will truly impress you :)
  3. domer
    I have owned both of these headphones and can say with 100% certainty that the upgrade is definitely worth it. The M-100s, while by no means "accurate" sounding, are much more refined in a way that even an average Joe could appreciate a marked difference, let alone someone willing to roll up to Head-Fi to ask the question. Go for the upgrade, I guarantee you will not regret it.
    Also consider the XL pads as an inexpensive way to further improve your experience. Good luck!
  4. MrToxoror
    Thanks for the insight, though I opted to purchase the Hifiman HE-400s and a audioquest dragonfly 1.2 instead of upgrading to the m-100s, couldn't be happier!

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