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V-Moda Crossfade Wireless versus V-Moda M-100 - sound quality difference?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ddub965, May 9, 2016.
  1. ddub965
    Hey everyone,
    I posted this over in the recommendations thread and got absolutely no response whatsoever, so I must've been in the wrong spot. Anyways, I'm looking to get my first pair of real audiophile over-ear headphones, and after doing my research, comparing specs, and reading user and expert reviews on such cans as the Beats Pro, Klipsch Status, Sennheiser Momentum (& 2.0), and Sony MDR-1R/1A, I settled on getting a pair of V-Modas. The only issue is, in light of the recent release of the Crossfade Wireless model (which supports BOTH bluetooth AND wired capability), is the sound quality improved over the M100s such that they are worth purchasing independent of the bluetooth function?
    The real focus of my question is thus whether, plugged in, the Crossfade Wireless have any positive or negative differences as compared to the M100s. I've read that the primary difference between the two is that the Crossfade Wireless have a more prominent bass (which seems hard to believe given the overwhelmingly positive reviews the M100s received on this aspect, but which sort of makes sense in light of the 107dB sensitivity of the Wireless vs. the 103 dB sensitivity of the M100s). But I can't seem to find any other real differences noted. From personal experience can anyone put in their 2 cents on the differences between the two (if any), and which you would recommend I purchase? If it helps, I mainly listen to alternative rock (e.g., a day to remember, blink 182, senses fail, taking back sunday, etc.) and rap/hiphop. Thanks much!
  2. ddub965
  3. ddub965
  4. ddub965
    Tough crowd
  5. ddub965
    Just gonna have to keep doing this until I get an answer I suppose.
  6. eltorrete
    Hello, I've had both, i sold the M-100 and buy Wireless because I thought I needed something bluetooh for the street now also sell them because I do not need and I bought a FLC8S for street and a TH-X00 for home. 
    In my opinion the two sound almost the same, you may have something more bass on Wireless and somewhat less sub-bass but almost impossible to notice it after a while listening.
    if finally do not forget to buy the XL Pads, greatly improves the sound with them.
  7. ddub965
    Thanks for the reply! I've read that about the XL pads, is that only for people with big ears though (I have small ears)? Also, is the sub-bass literally exactly the same in your opinion between the two or is one more powerful/pronounced than the other?
  8. Devodonaldson
    Regarding the pads, comfort aside, as I was fine with the regular pads, there is a difference in the sound with the larger pads. XL pads are thicker, and as such, your ears are farther away from the drivers, producing a vit wider soundstage and better overall sound IMO. As an added benefit,they are more comfortable. Though I own more neutral headphones, I still will play more vocal/instrumental music on the m-100 at times, and do appreciate the difference in sound rec'd from the XL pads. For me, burn in also helped with the recessed mids pretty substantially. I almost always played my m100 from an amp from my phone, and after a couple weeks the mids became more prominent,even when not amped. Personally I love bass as I have 2 2000 watt RMS subs in my car, but I personally do not feel like I needed any more bass than what is provided by the m100. It's present, it's punchy, it's deep. And importantly, it doesn't bleed into the other frequencies,its just very prominent. Another plus over the wireless is the fold up factor
  9. eltorrete
    as commented Devodonaldson the pads XL is not just for comfort also for sound quality.
    for me the two of them would almost equalized after a while listening, but maybe reciem put the M-100 have more subbass and Wireless have more bass, but very little difference.
  10. jjcoolaus
    I know this is an old thread but I couldn't find a dedicated Crossfade Wireless thread.
    I've had these headphones for about 2 months and I'm really impressed.
    I had the v-moda LP2 previously and ended up selling them to a friend because they were too uncomfortable. I wear glasses and have often had trouble with headphone comfort in the past.
    I was a bit nervous about the crossfade wireless but bought thinking I could upgrade to the XL pads if required, however, much to my pleasant surprise it really hasn't been necessary. I actually found these to be more comfortable than the Beats Studio Wireless.
    The bass is excellent and the sub base is perfect in my opinion. I listen to a lot of drum and bass, some other forms of electronica and outside of that I'm usually listening to talk radio and/or watching TV on my phone.
    On days where I know I will be using my headphones for a long time and not listening to music, eg listening to football games on the weekends while I'm taking a long walk, I would switch over to my Sony MDR-1RBT as they are over the top comfortable for extended wear times.
    The sound isolation on the Crossfade Wireless is pretty perfect as well. It's not silent like the Bose QC25/35 cans are, so it's not dangerous for walking city streets, but it does have good passive isolation for public transport (buses, trains)
  11. Peddler
    I recently took the opportunity to try out several expensive bluetooth headphones:

    Bose QC35
    Sennheiser PCX550
    V-Moda Crossfade Wireless

    The Bose were pretty good but a little 'boring' sounding - after much deliberation I decided to try the Crossfade Wireless and Sennheiser's - I have to say that the V-MODA's sounded a lot more fun and went significantly louder than all the others. I wasn't too impressed with the sound quality of the sennheiser - and definitely not loud enough. The more I listen to the Crossfade Wireless the more I like it.

    Detailed reviews to follow.
  12. TheBIGKill1998
    i cannot say anything about the M100, but i once had the Crossfade Wireless Headphones.
    They may look cool and they are built extremeeeeeely good, but sound wise i did not like them at all for what they did cost. 
    The sound, to me, was nothing special at all. The bass was kinda too strong, and the rest of the spectrum just sounded boring. 
    Additional to that they were extremely uncomfortable. They already hurt my ears after a short time wearing them. An upgrade for the ear cushions would have been relatively expensive.
    At this price range i would have expected a lot more (sound wise) and they could have also included other/better ear cushions.
    To sum this up, i would not recommend them at all.
  13. HAL3Y SRT
    This might seem like a dumb question, but I much prefer the sound of the regular M-100’s over the wireless models. I do hate that it’s not wireless tho, so my question is, can I take the drivers from my M-100 and put them in the new Crossfade 2s while retaining the Bluetooth and the same sound as the M-100s?
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  14. Virtu Fortuna
    If we look from pure sound quality perspective, I think M100 is better.
  15. Galeonero
    Hello everyone, I make a query today the wireless crossfade is 50 dollars less than the M-100 version, which seems too strange because the wireless version is exactly the same as the m-100 only has the possibility to connect by bluetooh, it does not make much sense to pay 50 dollars less and gain connectivity by bluetooh ... Is it so that they are exactly the same and have the same sound using cable? I am seriously buying the wireless version.

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