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Useful information for Amazon.com purchases that are partially defective and how you can get a 20% refund.

  1. IPodPJ
    Here's a useful bit of info for fellow Amazon.com customers:
    If you ever purchase something from Amazon.com and the item is partially defective in some way, you can call them and tell them you'll keep it (if you want to) if they give you a 20% refund. They will do this. It saves them having to pay for returning the item to the manufacturer. I've had this happen on a few occasions where I elected to keep the partially defective merchandise in exchange for the 20% discount (which is the maximum discount they will give you).
    i.e. You purchase a $50 internet router and 1 of the 4 ports is bad  (actually happened)
    i.e. You purchase $200 worth of crappy, large storage containers and the handles are broken  (actually happened)
    I don't know if they place a maximum discount amount on items, i.e. you buy a pair of $1500 HD800 and an earcup has a crack in it.  Would they give you 20% ($300) back?  I don't know.
    For some items, you obviously wouldn't accept the slightest amount of defect, but for others you might be willing to live with it for a 20% refund.
    If you've had a similar experience, share your story!
  2. obobskivich
    Interesting. The last defective item I had that I purchased from Amazon, they offered to cross-ship me a replacement, or take it as a return. Didn't know they'd do a partial discount for any reason though. Will have to keep that in mind though; thanks for sharing (and I'm sure they would appreciate people knowing about that on some level, because as you said - it prevents them having to eat the entire sale). 

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