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Jun 21, 2001
HI All,
Here are some of our featured Used/Sales gear at TTVJ. We have some great stuff at great prices. Check here for updates and new items added as we get them!

Our demo Luxman P1u is now available to some lucky customer. This units sells for $3000 new but you can get this unit for $2250. It is a remarkable headphone amplifier and worthy of the acclaim it has received.

Wadia 151 Power Dac now on sale for the unbelievably low price of $675! This is a nice sounding piece and was originally $1200. We only have them in Black and we have 3 of them.

We have a white pair of Sehring S700SE with the stands for $1500 ( originally $3124!) and a pair of the S704SE 3.5 way speakers for $6000. The S704SE was originally over $12K with the isolation pads included

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