Use the mac as a DAC for Xbox360/ps3/other computer source
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New Head-Fier
Apr 14, 2009
hello there
I am a gamer/mid-fier~
and I have some trouble with my setup!

Since I have not tried anything with the ps3, let me start with xbox360

I have a powerbook dedicated for my head fi
Powerbook G4 ---Echo mona --amp-- my headphones

and same as most of the good sound cards , the echo mona can do
"optical in" also~

Then I started digging ways to hook my xbox360 and my soundcard up~

like this , xbox360---via optical cable---echo mona--amp---headphone (of course powerbook has to be running to have the soundcard work in the first place)

and , yes ,after some research I found out that I can use quick time pro for this task, but! when I set my audio setting of my xbox360 to "DD 5.1 " all I hear is noise (works fine with DD stereo)

I know eventually it would be only stereo ,but I guess It would make a huge difference if I can actually decode the "5.1 sound" from xbox360 with soundcard, and I assume all it takes are some software?( not quite sure about this part though)

so what i am looking for a some software that can actually turn the computer into a decoder, (better be for mac os x) and compatiable with at least 5.1 ac3 (would be ideal if also does dts)

could anybody help me with this problem?
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It will be stereo anyway, so why not let the X360 output it like that?

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