Upstate/Central NY Meet Interest Check
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May 22, 2003
Hello. I am looking for fellow audiophiles in the Upstate and Central NY area. I am approx. 30 mins north of Cooperstown, NY. Easy access to Syracuse, Capital Region, and Utica. I would very much like to hear high efficiency speaker systems (specifically HORNS, Open Baffle, and Field Coil). My personal system is a Cain and Cain BLH single driver system with dual subs and super tweeters. Driven by high end SET.

Headphones are OK and I have a good system, but my main interest is in speakers. My speaker amp is also one of my headphone amps. The other is a Dennis Had IHA-1. Headphone compliment: Yuin Earbuds, Senn 600 and 800S. I also have a desktop system with Klipsch bookshelf, Peter Daniel Patek Chip Amp, with the IHA-1 as a preamp.

Please PM or respond to this thread and hopefully we can get something together! One caveat: I have two dogs...
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