Upgrading the Ether C to the Ether C flow

  1. buckles29
    I understand there may be two options here, can anyone explain exactly what the upgrade entails. Is it just an audio upgrade to the internals on the Ether C, leaving everything else the same or a full upgrade to the complete Ether flow? Does anyone have any experience on how successful it is? Many Thanks
  2. deserat
    Am in the middle of this process right now and am pretty unhappy. If you buy on the site, you get not confirmation beyond receipt. Only record I have that the headphones arrived at Mr. Speakers is the that I shipped FedEx so the tracking number. They arrived at Mr Speakers a week ago. No confirmation of receipt, no eta on return. No response to inquiry. If I'd have know any of this before hand I'd definitely not have done it. Having dealt with other Boutiques in this space ( Schitt and Bottlehead ) I'm pretty unhappy.
  3. Muinarc
    It's successful in replacing your ether drivers with the Flow drivers, yes. The first level will leave your headphone looking the same but with Flow drivers, the 2nd level makes them look like flows and adds the angled ear pads. My upgrade took 3 weeks after they took delivery. There is minimal communication but Mr Speakers is a good company and will ship the upgraded headphone out, not much to really worry about.
  4. buckles29
    Did you go via a local distributor? I did in fact complete my upgrade and am very happy although it took some weeks for them to be returned (about 6-8 weeks). Agree, comms from MrSpeakers is not great but I was not concerned as my local distributor looked after everything for me.
  5. deserat
    I bought from the website and shipped from local FedEx. Finally heard back, it's due to be shipped back next week.
  6. deserat
    Ether C Flow came back today. Worth it. I did the Essentials upgrade... the Ether C made my HD800's sound bass heavy, the Flow fixed that and increased the impact throughout the whole frequency range. I recall a certain well known reviewer saying upgrading to the Flow was a side grade, that is not my experience. I feel like some sound stage was lost but I've only had them back for an hour. Not sure if the upgrade requires the 300 hour burn in that was recommended for a new pair.

    Overall, worth it. But they really need to work on their communication.
  7. buke9
    Still debating on the upgrade myself. I would agree on the 800's bass to the Ether C's also. I think the burn in was necessary for the Ether C's so it probably would be as well for the Flows. Still might go with open Flows still unsure. Dan is a class act though.
  8. bgbdbstrd
    anyone else had their Ethers upgraded? I have the Ether O and like buke9, am on the fence if I should convert to flow (currently outside the US, so the additional shipping cost isn't on my favor).

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