Upgrading my HD600, need help choosing between the LCD3 & LCD2
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Jun 26, 2012
  1. Budget: $900-1000
  2. Source: AMB y2, Schiit Valhalla
  3. Isolation: Don't care
  4. Preferred type: Full-sized
  5. Tonal balance: Neutral/balanced to slightly laid back
  6. My Music: One of everything. Jazz, hip-hop, rock, metal, etc. Mainly electronic music. (50%+)
  7. Past headphones: HE-500 (did not like). Bad tonal balance, laid back upper mids/lower treble, very high treble area was too bright. Loved its bass though. HD600 (Like) Excellent tonal balance and timbre, but lack bass and speed.

So early January I'll be demoing in home an Audeze LCD-3 and Buron Conductor as I was chosen in their loaner program. I'm seriously thinking that if I enjoy the LCD-3, I'm probably going to pick up an LCD-2 used plus a Magni.

I've heard they are quite similar, but how many here have heard both and can offer some insight? I'm mainly worried about the treble differences. The treble sounds more appealing to me on the LCD-3. I do not want the LCDs to be much darker than my HD600.

One strange thing is looking at measurements, LCD2/3 seem to be similar in the treble. The 2 is actually brighter on paper, but many subjective reviews claim the 3 is brighter. Some say the LCD2 is peakier and has more bite, others say the LCD3 is smoother with less peaks etc. 

I just want to make sure its safe to say that If I like the LCD3, the LCD2 won't be very different in the treble and that I can use thie LCD3 loaner pair as a basis to pick up an LCD2.

I have already dugged around in the appreciation threads and have read about five comparison reviews.

Thanks for the help!

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Yeah, in my budget only LCD-2 is there. Maybe LCD-X if it goes down used later next year at $1200-1300. LCD-3 is totally out of my budget.
What I mean is that will the LCD3 (which I will be able to hear as a loaner) sound much different to the LCD2 in the treble area?
I don't see how the Magni is a mismatch, It may not the best I understand. But from a technical perspective, it seems like it has enough power for the LCD-2 (drove the HE-500 for me). I'll probably invest in a Lyr in the future.
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A almost $2,000 can and a $100 amp is a quality mismatch.  You won't get what you paid for in the can.
The 3 is superior to the 2 in treble and sound stage.  It has even better bass.  You should read about each and how they compare here:
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Denon. and you likely not need to buy a new amp. So you can spend all the money to get best possible cans. 

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