Upgrading Modi to Bifrost worth?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Arisbor, Aug 31, 2017.
  1. Arisbor
    So im running a pair of 650hd from Sennheiser with a Lyr 2 schiit amp and Modi as my DAC, would there be a big difference if i Upgraded my Modi to a Schiit Bifrost? ty.
    PS:sorry about my english
  2. pinnahertz
    Should be no difference at all.
  3. Arisbor
  4. Blaze55
  5. Puma Cat
    Yes, there is a big difference. I just did this comparison with my Modi 2 Uber and an original-spec Bifrost, and really, no comparison. The Bifrost sounds considerably better than a Modi.
  6. aristos_achaion Contributor
    FWIR, the Modi Multibit and the Bifrost Multibit basically sound the same. (I haven't heard a mimby to test it myself.) If you're talking about one of the delta-sigma versions of the Modi or Bifrost, there there very well could be a difference.
  7. Puma Cat
    Thanks for the info. However, the OP didn't say ask about a Modi 2 Uber Multibit compared to a Bifrost Multibit, he just asked if a Bifrost would sound better than a Modi. And, it would. And Bifrost also sounds better than a Modi 2 Uber.

    I would also wager that, in a high-resolution 2-channel loudspeaker system, one could clearly hear the difference between a Modi Multibit and a Bifrost Multibit. Especially if said system was configured with a complete Shunyata power distribution and power cables to take the noise floor way down (which it will do, in spades). For example, you can't use a Shunyata Venom Digital AC power cord with a Modi Multibit and and you can with a Bifrost, and that alone will make a big difference.
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  8. Luminance
    I have read a lot of reports on reddit where people wrote they struggled to hear the difference between Modi 2 Uber & Bifrost. Some wrote that Bimby is indeed better, but the improvement was very subtle. Certainly not a big difference.
    So it really depends how much spare money you have. The biggest difference always comes from the headphones and investing a lot of money into a DAC/amp combo while having already dated headphone might be not ideal.
  9. Puma Cat
    I can't speak to what other people have observed, only what I and a good friend/audio buddy have observed in controlled A/B comparison; and that is original spec Bifrost sounds signficantly better than a Modi 2 Uber (and this in conjunction with using a Sonore microRendu streamer). A lot of this might have to do with the resolving capabilities of the systems folks (headphone-based, I presume) are using to do these comparisons on. In my case, it's a 2-channel loudspeaker system with close-to-SOTA Conrad-Johnson based tube amplification chain and Dynaudio speakers: Conrad-Johnson CT-5 preamp, Conrad-Johnson LP70S stereo power amp, Michell Gyro SE turntable with SME V arm and Koestu Urushi Vermilion cartridge, E.A.R. 324 phono stage, Shunyata Triton power distribution with compelete Shunyata power cords, Sonore microRendu USB streamer v1.4, Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC and Schiit Eitr USB/SPDIF convertor as my interim digital setup while my Gungnir is away getting upgraded (see below). All Audioquest Columbia or Colorado interconnects, and Dynaudio Contour S3.4 with Dynaudio Esotar 2 tweeter upgrade (the best soft-dome tweeter on the planet).


    On a system with this level of resolution/capability you can very clearly hear how even a 1st-gen Bifrost is superior to Modi 2 Uber. If you live in the SF Bay Area, you are welcome to come over and hear for yourself.
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  10. Sir_Cockroach_Slayer
    It's full of stars...

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