Upgrading Gaming Set (GSX+ 599) SEN 700 vs SEN 800 + GSX or?
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Jan 8, 2019
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Looking to upgrade my gaming set up. I've got a pending deal on 800 s for $500. I have the gsx1000 would that be strong enough to power these ?? If not what would you recommend. these would be strictly used for gaming thanks!
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Well I guess you mean the HD-800’s not the 800S at that price and it is a good price for a great headphone. Just going by specs as I have not heard the GSX-1000 it rates it’s output at 1v rms@ 32 ohms my Dragonfly Red is 2.1v @ 32 ohms and while it will drive the 800’s louder than I normally listen to it is only by a couple of dashes on my iPhone so I’m going to say that it will probably not do a good job at running the 800’s sorry to say. I have the 700’s also and get about the same results just a dash maybe 2 less to get to the same volume. I believe the GSX is just more geared towards gaming headsets which tend to have lower impedance.
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800S for $500 buy them now.

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