Upgrading from E4c. Which Westone ?
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Feb 18, 2010
I have some very specific questions regarding the Westone 3 and UM3x. Yes, I know that there are threads with total of 300 pages about those two, but after several hours of reading I couldn't find the answers to my questions:

I'm using the Shure E4c/SLC4 for few years, and just love them. Moving up from the E2c was quite noticeable. Now, after reading here I would like to add a Westone 3 or UM3x. The E4c will still be used. I'm using the earphones only with portable Cowon iAudio 7. No amp. The earphones will play a lot of progressive/melodic trance, Nirvana Unplagged, and Spanish Guitar. I am not the kind of listener that is thrilled from too much bass. Always playing on low volume, and for many hours at a time. Please help me decide between the 3 and UM3x:

1) Which one will be more different from the E4c ? Remember that I'm keeping the E4c.
2) Which one fits my use as stated about ?
3) Will the um3x be good at lower volume levels ?
4) Is there really that much of a difference between the two Westones ?
5) I've read things about cheap build quality of the UM3x. Can anybody confirm ?
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Having owned E4 for several years I would say W3 is the more different IEM because.

Like UM3X, E4 is also very neutral, somewhat narrow soundstage with highs a bit rolled off (but I enjoyed the E4 immensely while I had it).

W3 has larger bass, better treble and a much larger soundstage....all a departure.

I don't have the stats but in 7 years year, Westone is among THE BEST quality among all brands. Very few issues. And if you actually take good care of them you should NEVER have a problem.
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Upgrading from E4c, you will notice better overall sound quality, details and soundstage with UM3x, Shure SE530.
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westone 3 is a bit of a bass monster and very detailed and strident treble, so this would be the most different from the sc4, i have w3, se420,se530, the shures dont have a lot of bass in comparison, the se420 has hardly eny and rolled of highs, the umx3 is supposed to have forward mids like the shures, but ive not heard it
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Thanks guys. I haven't heard too many hi-end headphones, so I don't really know what are the side effects of the lively, large sound-stage, bassy Westone 3. Will it still sound accurate and detailed comparing to the E4c. I it comfortable to listen to for several hours at a time ?

The main reason that I'm attracted to the 3 is that it is very different from the E4c, so it will deliver new kind of experience to my ears. However, I would still want to get super detailed and sharp music.
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i also have e4c, now i love the sound of my TF10.vi , i must say ,its a huge improvement in all aspect. im lucky to have a great fit on the tf10

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