UPGRADE!!!! mee sp51 vs monster turbines
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Apr 14, 2011
Looking to upgrade from my mee m31 and having been hearing the turbines and sp51 to be pretty good upgrades

Disregarding the price, which are better? I say this cuz the sp51 are 55% off right now
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Add in the comparison to Hippo VB too, Head-fi gurus.
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Hmm, where did you find the sp51's for 55% off. I'm currently searching for a decent pair of iem as well and they don't seem that bad.
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This weekend...MEElectronics SP51 for $27 Coupon codes: "SPooky51" "SHIPPING_COUPON"
I actually almost pulled the trigger on some turbines earlier yesterday and then came home and saw the SP51 special.  I'll sit tight with those and maybe brand new turbines will get a price drop for Black Friday or X-mas...I'm hoping at least.  Refurbs look sketch to me...
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What's wrong with refurbs? They have much less chance of falling apart than brand new sets, and if you ask for warranty replacement within 90 days you get a brand new, not refurbished, replacement.

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