Upgrade from MEE M31s
Sep 23, 2011 at 1:56 AM Post #2 of 3
As much as I dislike the build qualities on my Monster Turbine's, I'd have to go with those if you really love bass. Honestly though if you cant find a pair for under 80 bucks dont bother. I've had nothing but terrible experiences with these. I've had to send them back 3 times now. Once for glue wearing off in the casing and twice because after a decent burn in period (normal listening for about 10 hours ish) they developed massive driver flex issues (assuming the driver is concave, it will pop out and become convex until you somehow use pressure to force it back to being concave). Mind you I only bought them around april.

They sound great, no doubt, but only when they arent experiencing some sort of technical issue. They've turned me off of dynamic driver headphones completely. Next set I buy will either be full size (most likely) or triple balanced armature, if I can find a BA that will give me enough bass to satisfy me.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I also have Meelec M11+ right now. They also have absolutely sick bass. They arent terribly fast/detailed in the bass region and the treble is fatiguing/harsh. I got them for 34 bucks during a sale though and for the SQ they were a steal. They are nice and light, very durable feeling. I use them for lawnmowing or otherwise rough crap that I dont want to expose my finnicky turbines to. MEElec doesnt have the best sound quality in its 'fun' type headphones, but they will do the job for you easily and cheaply. Just dont buy them expecting them to sound crazy detailed with an amazing soundstage or anything like that. If your song has frequencies going down to 10hz, they will play the screw out of those frequencies, even if they muddle them up a bit.

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