Upgrade from Hegel Super to new DAC/AMP

  1. udd3n

    I have a Hegel Super which I use to drive my Philips X1/X2, B&W P7 Wireless(when wired), MSUR N650 and Bosshifi B8.. All kinda easy to drive and the Super makes a slight background hiss cause of the high output db..

    Im using Tidal Hifi so MQA would be kinda sweet.

    Meridian Explorer 2? ifi nano Bl?
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  2. udd3n
    It's only desktop use so any suggestions would be great.
  3. labrat
  4. udd3n
    Thanks. But the shipping is kinda expensive to Sweden. :frowning2: And I will use it desktop exclusively and the battery charge might get annoying.

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