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Upgrade from HD598, mainly listen to classical

  1. Andrew Seto
    I'm looking for a headphone that's very good for classical music (neutral + big sound stage + clarity). My current setup includes a HD598 and an FX-Audio X-6 DAC and amp. Myself, being a cheap student, am struggling to justify spending the amount needed for the HD600 or the 650's (that's food for one month!). What are some somewhat cheaper alternatives that can still deliver an upgrade to the HD598's with respect to its classical performance, but are cheaper than the 600's or the 650's? Thanks in advance.
  2. jodgey4
    The Massdrop version of the HHD650 is super affordable, and so is the K7XX they sell (versions of those cans and similar K/Q701/702/712 go on sale a good amount too). The HD650 is gorgeous though a bit warm.
  3. FastAndClean
    open back AKG s are very good for classical music, but hd598 is not bad at all
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  4. Andrew Seto
    An issue I have with the HD6xx's on massdrop is that they'll ship in half a year from now... "Estimated ship date is Dec 18, 2017 PT."
  5. Andrew Seto
    Are you referring to the K701? The two that I have been looking at are those, and the audio technica AD900x.
  6. FastAndClean
    k701 is very good for classical, the soundstage is huge and the tonality is on point, a little bit bright with a lot of "air"
  7. Andrew Seto
    How do they compare to the AD900x's?
  8. ahmadfaizadnan
    IMO HD650 is an all rounder HP but it doesn't work really well with classical. HD600 is a better a choice but still not the best for classical. I haven't try many headphones but hd800 is a better option.
  9. FastAndClean
    they are similar, ad900x have more mids and smaler soundstage
  10. Andrew Seto
    I am looking for alternatives to the 600's and the 650's. HD800's aren't even in question. :frowning2:
  11. Andrew Seto
    Of the AD900x's and the K701's, which resemble the HD598's sound signature the best?
  12. FastAndClean
    AD900x is closer to hd598 than k701
  13. Andrew Seto
    Alrighty, thanks. it looks like we have a winner.
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