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Upgrade advice: from UE Superfi 5vi to ??

  1. loganirado
    Hello guys. I purchased a Superfi 5vi used, not so long ago (about a month) and I'm enjoying these IEMs very much. The isolation is pretty good (using silicon tips, better using foam tips) and so is the sound quality.
    However, I'm looking for some advice in upgrading to other IEM's. I'm mostly looking for better isolation, if possible. Any improvement in sound quality is appreciated. My price range would be something around U$200. Having a microphone and a button to play/pause or skip tracks isn't mandatory.
    Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome.
  2. loganirado
  3. jleewach
    more info needed... What do you like about the SF5's? What do you dislike about them? What improvements are you looking for?
  4. Sil3nce Moderator
    Sennheiser Ie8.
    Can't go wrong.
  5. jleewach


    Not to sound rude, but how can you make a recommendation when no details have been given on what aspects he wants on the upgrade? How the hell do you just pull out an IE8 recommendation based on the initial post? On top of that, the OP stated he mostly wanted increased isolation. IE8 good on isolation? Are you insane?
    I'm sorry, but it just annoys me to no end when people make blind recommendations based on nothing other than the headphones they've recently purchased. You'd be more useful if you provided honest advice instead of justifying your purchase. 
  6. Murmaider
    If the TripleFi 10's have crossed your mind,(seeing how cheap they currently are)
    let me tell you this; After i purchased my SuperFi 5vi's the logical next step were the
    TripleFi 10's....i was dissapointed.  My suggestion is to try and demo whatever u have
    more seriously considered. $200 for earbuds is quite a lot when you step outside of the
    headfi realm.
  7. UtzY


    Sorry for the little off-topic, but what do you think it is wrong with TripleFi (from your point of view)..or what are the differences between them..thx.
    Back to the topic ..Sennheiser ie8 does not isolate that well, well at least not as an improvement from SuperFi.
    You should look at Etymotic er-4s (p) , and Phonak PFE to a lesser extent. 
    The sound of er-4s is cristal clear, pure, detailed, but at the same time analytical and for some lacking in bass department.
  8. Yggdrassilious
    If you prefer the SF5 sound, UE 700s are a worthy upgrade. I agree with Murmaider in that the TF10s sound very very different than SF5 and UE 700. I would not go so far to say it's a "disappointment", but if you think the TF10s are what SF5s sound like but much much better, you'd be mistaken and surprised. 
    As for IE8, they offer a different kind of flavor. They use dynamic drivers and in certain areas do not compete with BAs. And worse isolation. 
    While ER4s give a bit better isolation, their sound is in another category altogether. At least IE8 and TF10 share some similarities. 
    I know this doesn't help very much... but you'll soon realize, there is no right answer and you are just going to spend all your savings and 401k and try them all. And then you'll find that you love all of them and want to keep all of them. So let your curiosity flow through you and join the dark side. 
  9. loganirado
    Sorry for the lack on information on my first post. I've tried using comply foam tips, standard super fi silicon tips and the meelec m6 triple flange tips and I feel that neither of then offers a good fit to my ears. If I try to put it too deep, it kind of hurts and feels very uncomfortable, otherwise, if I don't follow the instructions on how to properly insert IEM's, they don't isolate as I expect.
    I think I was able to insert the superfi properly like four or five times, and when it happens, they sound amazing. I'm far from being an expert in music, I still don't know very well what are mids, highs, full sound, etc.. ( I know there is a wiki somewhere at headfi about it, I already read it but I guess I lack the experience to understand what it all means) I do know what is clarity and separation and I enjoy how the superfi sounds in these aspects. I also have a pair of normal cans (AD700) which I like as well.
    I'm looking for improvements mainly in the isolation area, followed by comfort and fit. Sound quality-wise, I'm pretty much satisfied with how the superfi's sound, but a little improvement keeping it within my budget wouldn't hurt.
    I've been looking at some reviews of Etymotics (mainly hf5s since ER4s seems a little too expensive for me). I also read someone's review on IEM's and he said that the RE0s offer good isolation and value overall for the price..

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far. This is a list I made collecting what you guys suggested:
    1. Triple Fi 10
    2. UE 700
    3. Senn IE8 (poor isolation right?)
    4. Ety ER-4s (P)
    5. Phonak PFE
    I hope what I wrote help you guiding me to the right direction!

  10. jleewach
    The ety HF5 will definitely provide better isolation, given you insert them properly. They sound great too; much better clarity. Bass won't be quite as heavy as the SF5, but it's better quality bass. 
    I know you mentioned having pain when you insert the earphones too deep. If considering the etys, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you pull up & out on your ears before inserting the triple flange tips (which isolate the best). This straightens out the ear canal & provides an easy & painless fit for me. I tried them once w/o straightening the ear canal, and they hurt like hell. 
    Etys have the best isolation of all the iems I've tried. 
  11. Murmaider
    Nothing is necessarly wrong with them, i just really enjoy my vocals bright.
    Every once in a while i'll listen to a song and get angry when the singers voice is too soft.
    I find myself turning up the volume to try and compensate. comparing them to the SF5's,
    the TF10's have a much much wider soundstage. They really are great iem's, they just
    take some getting used to..imo.

  12. loganirado
    Thanks for your help everybody. I ended up pulling the trigger on a ety hf5. I hope I can get what I'm expecting and paying for. I'll post a review once I'm able to try the IEM's.
    By the way jleewach, I didn't understand what you mean by this "MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you pull up & out on your ears before inserting the triple flange tips" very well. Could you try to explain me a little better (I'm sorry, English isn't my first language, as you might have already noticed).
  13. chrisjackson

    Check out the Wiki here for illustrations :
  14. loganirado
    Thanks for the link, it was very useful. I also visited Etymotic's website for more information. I think I get what pulling the ears up and out means.
    The whole maintenance sounds a bit boring and difficult. I have had my superfi 5vi's for about a month, I removed the foam tips and washed them in oxygen peroxide once, but I never cleaned the IEM's itself, like the cord and the drivers/things that produce the sound. I think I should do it asap..
    About having clean ears, my ear doctor always told me not to use that cotton in a stick thing to poke my ears and remove the wax, but from the information in that link, having clean ears helps inserting the IEM's and also extend their life.. pretty interesting.
  15. Sil3nce Moderator


    You sound rude.
    IMO alright?
    You honestly can't go wrong with the IE8 YMMV.
    I'm not insane.
    Isolation is actually quite good. Absolute bs that the isolation is bad. Just because you use the stock tips.
    Actually my recent purchase was another tf-10.
    Blind recommendations?
    I don't think so. I always pm people who are asking for advice separately so please don't go off something when you don't know the background story. Besides it doesn't concern you at all what I say? Hmm
    I can say the monster beats are good and you would be free to state that I'm wrong.
    But there's no need to call me insane.

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