Unique Melody not confirming order, should i still send it in?
Dec 21, 2012 at 3:15 AM Post #2 of 4
Please do be careful about your thread titles.  We (Unique Melody Global - www.uniquemelody.co) confirm all orders via email within 24 hours of the order being place and also send through the next stage of instructions and upon checking, we certainly haven't missed any orders over the past week.
We believe that Stephen Guo represents www.custom--iem.com, a re-seller of Unique Melody products and this query should focus it's attention on that particular organisation, not Unique Melody the brand.
If he doesn't get in touch in a timely manner, rest assured any order you place through www.uniquemelody.co or www.uniquemelodyshop.com will be dealt with swiftly, even through this festive season.
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I, too, went through Stephen Guo to get my Miracles reshelled by UM. I've been more than impressed with how quickly Stephen gets back to me whenever I have any questions or concerns. Today, in fact, he got back to me within minutes!
Perhaps shoot him another email just in case the first one somehow never reached him?

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