Understanding LCD-2 Schematic
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Nov 28, 2009
I if someone could help me understand the wiring schematic (unbalanced recable)i came across this, but unfortunately i still don't understand :frowning2: are there some kind of jumper between 1-4 and 2-3?

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Hey Pal, I have an easier way for You to find out, look up the Audeze LCD-2 orthos thread and go to the last page and pose that question there and I'm almost positive they can help You out.
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Yeah I know, but trust Me on this they know there stuff and this may trigger more responses than You think. Just go to the last page and post the schematic and the reason why and don't think it's a stupid question because it is not. I check that bad boy out at least once a day. Also do You own or are You planning on getting a pr.
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Sweet, I'm working on it and hopefully in the next few mo's I can pull it off. Can I ask You why You want to know about the wiring scheme, are You planning a to rewire them in the near future.
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yup- i've been making a bunch of interconnects- figured i'd give the lcd-2s a go- 
947$ is a big pill to swallow, money well spent though.
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it just means you can use either or, because those pins are connected internally in the headphones. so you can use 1 or 4 for signal and 2 or 3 for ground, or for balanced 1 or 4 for + and 2 or 3 for -. I personally connect to both for better contact, by striping a bit more wire and connecting across the pins
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yep, thats correct, its not really necessary, but doesnt do any harm and that way there is no path into the circuit that is open to interference that isnt already driven with a signal. plus makes for more secure contact
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no problem

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