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Unbalanced hearing

  1. Bluecactus123
    Hello there,

    I've recently noticed that my left ear is more sensitive than the right one, and I have to use 1-1,5db offset to the right side on my music player for the sound to be in the center of my head. Am I missing anything because of that?
  2. genck
    You likely aren't missing anything but you may want to go have a hearing test done to see what frequencies each ear can actually hear at and you can compensate for that with EQ per channel with something like APO config/Peace
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  3. Voxata
    I'd get a hearing test done, consider your age and any factors that could have contributed. Be sure to get a dB meter and that you are staying in a safe listening range and you are fine. I've had time in my life where one ear has felt stronger than the other for a while only to have things equalize eventually.
  4. Bluecactus123
    Did it equalize on its own?
  5. Voxata
    Yes, either my brain adjusted or ebb and flow. Do you suffer allergies? I've had issues with my ear canals and using a nasal spray helps quite a bit and I do a sinus flush every day. I also open my jaw all the way and gently move it to open the canals (can be heard audibly) but don't do this a ton. At one point years ago I had to close my nose and gently apply breath pressure to open my ear canals as I didn't know how to improve this until I saw a doctor. I'm only 36, and my issues are caused by allergies and now well under control.
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If your right ear also has a drastically different response then yes. Otherwise, no.
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  7. PaganDL


    I agree with @ProtegeManiac...unless there is a serious problem with your hearing, it is highly unlikely anything will be missed sonically.

    Though I will add as someone who also has slightly more sensitive hearing on one side as well as sensitive hearing overall this depends on your overall environment & lifestyle.

    Subjectively & personally, I would also caution from using offset from any source for any length of time as just listening to ambient &/or environmental noise without said offset may throw your hearing &/or balance off but to make sure, I suggest visiting a medical professional...

    Hope you have a great day !
  8. Redcarmoose
    Depending on the amount, do what folks have suggested and get a check-up. Keep your volumes moderate. But you may find that if your differences are not too much you can start to ignore the artifact in your hearing and leave the balance centered.
  9. Sebastiaan156
    I wear glasses, and my left glass is not the right/correct magnification anymore, for that reason I use my right eye a lot more than my left.
    Because left is a bit hazzy.

    Noticed recently that because of that i also use my right ear more. Sound feels a bit shifted to the right. When I close my eyes for a while (more than a hour) the sound shifts back to the middle.

    P.s. I'm no dockter and I'm not sure it is related but I guess so
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
  10. Redcarmoose
    I’m not sure about the senses, but 1/2 the body is always physically stronger. The human physique is always dominant to one side of the other.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
  11. Bluecactus123
    In some songs the sound is in dead center and in other it can shift. Maybe everything is fine with my ears and I just dont like the shift to the side that's supposed to be there
  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If it's not uniform with or without the balance control there's the possibility that the recordings themselves have a problem.
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  13. PaganDL

    Some songs also having pan shifts in sound so that may be a likely 'issue' as @ProtegeManiac stated.

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