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While jinp6301 is right regarding the PK2's lower impedance, I prefer the PK1 unamped, even if you have to jack up the volume in relation to the PK2. IMHO, the PK1 simply sounds fuller and richer than the PK2 - amped or unamped.
Apr 23, 2007 at 2:29 PM Post #4 of 14
If money is not problem, get PK1.
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I firmly preferred the PK1. For me it has a much more even, full-sized-headphone sound. I felt the PK2 had exaggerated treble, with midrange badly scooped out. (Note that I am an Ety-head with no aversion to treble in general. I just thought the PK2 significantly overdid it.)

Guzziguy, on the other hand, liked the PK2's sound somewhat better. You can chalk this up to different tastes. Or it could be due to the amount of time Guzzi spends around motorcycles.

The PK1 runs just fine from my iPod unamped. A good listening volume in the crowded and noisy main room of HeadFest was somewhere around 75% on the iPod. Under less trying conditions I believe it would be less. So unless you are using reduced-volume sound files or are flirting with long-term hearing damage, I think the PK1 is sufficiently sensitive for unamped use.
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I would go with the PK1 if you have the funds ( I have both). Just sounds better
all round. Two other things to bear in mind not sure if you can still get the PK2 with the j cord & the cord that I have is also shorter than the PK1.....
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wow..didnt know that pk1 is good unamped...its time to upgrade for me...=)
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I'm between the Yuin PK1 and PK2 to run primarily unamped out of my iPhone and iPod. Occasionally I'll run it out of a CMOY amp. My question is this: I care more about the SQ unamped, the amped SQ is a bonus. Keeping that in mind which headphone should I get?

A lot of people have said that the PK1 is fine unamped, but is the PK2 unamped > the PK1 unamped?

EDIT: These will accompany my Grado SR60s (home use) and MylarOne X3 (travel). I want them to be somewhere inbetween in regards to usage. i.e. around the house (w/o sitting still) and out (no isolation needed)
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I prefered Pk1 to Pk2, both amped and unamped. The problem that I have is the Pk1's unamped only sound better at low and moderate levels. If I have to up the volume, the sq decreases significantly. It's very possible that the cause is my source, but it could be with all DAPS. The Pk1's don't have problem at home, they sound great at all volumes out of my amp.

Also, Pk1's > SR60's, so you might even use them all of the time, both at home and on the go.

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