Mar 13, 2002
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Software test lab manager

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    Software test lab manager
    Motorcycles, cars, running, concerts, computers, weapons of single destruction
    Motorcycles, cars, working out, concerts, computers, weapons of single destruction
    Headphone Inventory:
    AKG 701
    Grado 225
    Grado 80
    Senn 650
    Senn 580
    Koss Portapro
    Koss KSC 75
    Koss KSC 35
    Shure E4C
    UE Super Fi 5 Pro
    Altec IM 716
    JVC FX-33 Marshmellows
    Panasonic HJE-50
    Panasonic HJE-70
    Senn MX 500
    Crossroads Mylar 1 and 3
    Shure 530
    Denon D5000 modded
    Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Bada PH-12
    Doge 6210
    Presonus Central Station
    Purity Audio Caliente
    PPA w/STEPS and Glassman buffers
    Gilmore Lite w/DPS
    Travagans Red
    Travagans Colors
    Xtra X1
    Fiio E5
    Source Inventory:
    Sony SACD 333ES CD player modified
    Rotel 991 CD player for HDCD
    Technics A10 DVD-A player
    Presonus Central Station DAC
    Philips DVP-642 transport
    McIntosh MR 67
    Acuphase T100
    Kenwood KT7500 modified
    Fisher 90B
    Technics SP-10 with SME 3009 non-detachable
    Cable Inventory:
    Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0 w/WBT
    Monster 2.4 biwire

    endless others
    Power-Related Components:
    Belkin PureAV PF-30
    Monster 1000A
    Other Audio Equipment:
    JM Labs Cobalt 820 speakers
    Acoustic Research AR-9
    AER Pisces V.2
    Several 8 and 10 subwoofers
    Sound Dynamics RTS-3

    Cayin TA-30/Prima Luna tube integrated amp
    Aragon 2004 MKII solid state power amp
    Aragon 8008
    Aragon 24 preamp
    Marantz 7 modified class A tube preamp
    Acurus DIA 100 integrated amp

    Sony 800ES
    Realistic 2280
    many other receivers
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Endless including
    isolation platforms
    stands (sand and lead filled)
    Music Preferences:
    Female vocals
    Got in the computer industry at the right time, made money, retired with critical mass


    "These are the good times and we are having them...right now!"

    Obi Wan
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