Ultra Desktop DAC Humming?
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Nov 11, 2001
I just started noticing a low volume hum from my Ultra Desktop DAC.  I just got a pair of HD800's and I have to turn up the volme a bit more than I did with my balanced HD650's.  On some rather quiet classical albums that I have, I have to set the gain switch to high and the volume knob to around 10-12 o'clock on my BUDA.  At these volumes I can distinctly hear a hum.  It goes away when I disconnect the interconnects from the DAC (from the DAC side) and does not change if I switch inputs on the DAC, remove inputs from the DAC, move the DAC and amp around or set the DPS to floating ground.
Has anyone else experienced this with the UDAC? 
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Hi Born2bwire,
Hmm, i'm a little concerned about the issue you report. :frowning2:
If its an ongoing low-level hum, you may wish to have the units examined by our HeadRoom service dept just to make sure all's perfectly right inside the rigs.
Of course, the 2-year HeadRoom free labor/parts repair warranty applies in full!
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