Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 - Replacement
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May 22, 2013
Hi guys!

I'm searching now longer for my Triple Fi's a Replacement and there are sooo many Brands I'm really confused.

I tested Fischer Amps 4 - Rapture is the new Version of FA-4 E XB and it didn't get me, the Vocals were not as shining as I wanted and I'm not a Vocals Head or need Mid centric In Ears.

But overall the Triple Fi had the best giving Goosebumps Feeling.

My Prefernce is Dance Music, Avicii, Rihanna etc, Vocals like Adele, Dido, really Love Females vocals and Orchestre, Classical Music.

The Triple Fi had everything, but I missed always more Shining Vocals and a bit more Soundstage.

And Subbass is important too for me, cause it gives a good Depth.

My Budget is 500-600€,.

I really need a WOW Effect, like the first listening to the Triple Fis, the Fischer couldn't do this, badly.

I loooved the The Triple Fis Clarity, Instrument Seperstion & the Brighter / colder Side, so the Sound Signature should be in the Way of Triple Fi with more audible, shining Vocals and a bit more Space.

I replay hope you can help me, otherwise I dont know where to start..

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