UE Pro IEM faceplate color swatches?
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Jan 9, 2005
I'm keenly interested in the UE Pro IEMs. However, I haven't been able to see the different colors for the faceplates that I can choose from. On the website they do show the palette of colors/materials to choose from but I'm sure their real life appearance is a bit different from what I see on their configuration website.

It would be nice if there was a ring of different faceplate materials/colors at my local dealer. Alas they only have the JHA ring, and not the UE Pro ring.

Does anyone here have access to the faceplate swatches in real life so that they could take a photo and display it so that we have a better idea of what the colors look like in real life. I did contact UE Pro about this, and am awaiting their reply. I would love to know what these colors look like. I'd be so appreciative if anyone here could help out.

NB: By the way, their website was really really well done, and looks fantastic. Everything is so easy to select. The only hard part is getting the impressions. The rest is a walk in the park!

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