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UE 6 pro or UE 18 +?

  1. corgifall
    I'm on the fence between two ciem from ultimate ears. I wanna try the UE 6 pro since it has two dynamic drivers and one BA. I've been offered a deal on the UE 18+ though that's only a few $100 more than the 6 pro. Anyone have any experience with both or any thoughts on them? I've seen reviews for the UE 18's but none for the 6 pro. Coming from triplefi 10 headphones with nice null audio balanced cables. Also have audeze isine 10's and like the width it provides but I like the isolation and low end I get from my TF10.
  2. Will Chiu
    I will probably go with UE18, haven't tried the ue6 myself, but some audiophile friends of mine say that it sound veiled.
  3. Rayzilla
    I heard the UE6Pro a few times and I was close to ordering it. For the money, it's not bad. But then I got a chance to try the 64 Audio N8 at the HKAV Show and coincidentally got to listen to the UE6Pro again immediately after it. It was very veiled in comparison to the N8. A few days later, I placed an order for the N8.
  4. popof94
    Never listened the UE6pro but I bought the UE 18+ pro V2 after reading the Crinacle Ranking. I have for the moment just used them for a few hours but they seems to be great Iems, with a very natural tuning, incredibly clear on the voices, smooth treeble with no hiss, not basshead but with high dynamic and rumble in bass. If you are looking for a warm neutral iem with a reference tuning it seem probably a good choice.
  5. corgifall
    Thanks for the replies! I think I'll hold out for a bit and save a little more the for the 18+. Though I like the idea of dynamic drivers for more bass. My triple fi 10's have a sweeter bass than any iems I've tried so far.
  6. popof94
    The UE18 + pro is not a basshead iem, more a neutral iem with natural medium and treeble.
  7. corgifall
    The ue rep told me the ue 11 was their bass set so I may also try and find a shop that has demos
  8. popof94
    Yes better for you, these Iems are not for bass lovers.
  9. corgifall
    Glad I was able to hear some opinions before dropping the money on the 18+
  10. Rayzilla
    I thought the UE6Pro was supposed to be good for its bass too?
  11. Will Chiu
    i think if you want bass, you can get n8...
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