Two-part question regarding Sabaj D4 and level matching.
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Jul 18, 2005
I recently bought a Sabaj D4 and am really enjoying it. The improvement in quality over both onboard and a JDS Labs OLDAC continues to surprise me. It's not a high-end DAC, but for me it's all I'll probably ever need.

Anyway, I've been using the D4's integrated amp but I'd like to add in my old Magni 2u and use just the Sabaj's DAC. This would put three level/gain options in the signal chain - PC volume, D4, and the Magni's analog knob. Since the D4 has a remote it would certainly be the most convenient to use for adjustments, but I thought I'd ask first what would be optimal.

For the second part, is the Magni even needed? Does anyone have experience with or know about the D4's amp? I'm always for fewer things on my desk and AC adapters under it, but not if performance/quality would suffer.


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