Tube Recommendations (CRACK+HD650's)
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Senn Life

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Jun 26, 2015
Hey guys, I just started listening to my Bottlehead Crack 4 days ago. It sounds pretty darn good, but I know it could be a whole new beast with different tubes. I listen to a wide variety of music, (Circa Survive, The Devil Wears Prada, Led Zeppelin, Crystal Castles, Mac Miller, Ect) and am looking for three different tubes to test out. I'm trying to have one tube that's great for mastering a song, something with great sound separation. Another tube will be fore Rock music (or all sub genres of rock) and I'd like another for listening to Electronic music, Rap, things of those natures. My budget per Tube is around 80 USD. (will go a little higher if you convince me it's worth it) I also have the Speedball upgrade for my Crack, but it's not installed yet. I wanted to get used to the sound of a stock Crack to see how big of a difference it'll make. If you don't have the Crack + HD650 combo you're still welcome to post your recommendations (but maybe state what you have instead) :) Thanks in advance guys! 
P.S: The crack uses a 12AU7 and a 6080. Here is a link to all the types of tubes that will work with the Crack.
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Just some tubes that I heard were good that I've been looking at.
Telefunken 12au7/ECC82 Smooth Plates:
I also heard the Tung Sol's 5998 1950's Tube was worth checking out. Anyone know something about these?
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I've read through most of it already. It may be 80 pages long, but the comments aren't all tube related.Plus the people just say hey this tube is good without giving a description of why it's good. I'm looking for a more intimate discussion about what the tube actually does to the sound by someone that owns it.
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Maybe this is of some help to you:
Plus you can just ask about tube specifics in the thread. Quite a few members should be able to tell you something.

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